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Every event in your life is stored somewhere in your body.

To move beyond destructive patterns that impede your growth and ability to thrive, it’s necessary to identify blockages in the physical system that manifest as mental and emotional barriers.

Once these events are identified as sensations, they don’t need to spin you out into a whole story that interferes with your ability to be fully present and available for what wants to unfold.

I provide simple awareness practices for you to become intimately aware of these patterns in the body.


You communicate to organize your world. The speech element joins body and mind through the vehicle of the breath. It also governs our relationships to others and influences how you manage emotions.

You speak your mind, you express your creativity, you reconnect with your life each moment through this element. Your ideas manifest into form through speech.

Breath is life. Speech rides on the breath, as does our life force, or prana.

Learning to use breath efficiently will radically change your world. Becoming aware of this element and learning to use it consciously is like having the keys to the castle. Your castle.


Training the mind to be settled, still and focused on the present moment is the foundation of any path of self exploration.

Without awareness, you’re led astray by a lifetime of momentum that may or may not support your growth.

Thoughts distract you from the present moment, so you miss the only time you have. Recognizing the nature of mind is an ongoing practice to discovering the truth of who you really are.

Once you get a glimpse of this, you see the infinite potential of your life. It’s my honor to help guide you on this beautiful journey of evolution to your highest self here, now.



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