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11Ways to End Your-Old World and Begin Anew in 2013  (Elephant Journal Jan 2013)

Beginners Mind for Yogis (Elephant Journal Dec 2012)

Are You Getting the Most From Your Yoga Practice? (The Global Yogi, Nov 2012)

The Birth of Awareness (Namaskar, Apr 2012)

The Ground of Confidence (Namaskar, Jan 2012)

14 Aspirations for a Happier New Year (Elephant Journal Jan, 2012)

How to Know When it’s Time to Make Like a Buddha and Flee the Palace (Elephant Journal, Nov 2011)

Just Looking (Namaskar, Oct 2011)

Yoga: What Are We Teaching? (Elephant Journal, Oct 2010)

Lego My Ego (Elephant Journal, Sep 2010)

Designer Yoga? (Elephant Journal, Sep 2010)

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